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Nail art is the most trending fashion among women these days. It is the Art of decorating a person’s nails using various types of material. These days technology has made it possible for one to display the designs of his choice on his nails. The nail art system is also called acrylic nails. It consists of making true works of Art on the nails using different nail polishes of all colors to capture different designs: Faces, jewels, animals, flowers, leaves, etc.

Around the world, this trend spread rapidly, and a large number of bloggers and celebrities have shared awe-inspiring designs. This trend continues to grow and reach the hands of artistic experts, technique teachers, designers, and even big brands, becoming a tremendously creative fashion trend.

1. French nail art

The French manicure is a classic that does not go out of style and is tatty in a micro version with some decorated detail.

2. Colored french

Colorful French nail art has a few secrets: change the white nail polish for one or more colors. But here, our advice is to try Natura Una Rosa nail polish. With vibrant and cheerful color, the product, like all the products in the line, contains a hypoallergenic formula with ingredients that are not harmful to health and provide quick and long-lasting drying.

3. Nail Art degrade

Degrade nail art, depending on the style chosen, can have a higher degree of complexity. The easiest way is to select nail polishes in similar shades, with variations between lighter and darker colors, and apply one shade to each nail. On the other hand, the option that requires more care is the one that differs between the light and dark tones on the same nail and finishes with the help of a sponge.

4. Multicolor

Is it worth combining pastel tones, firm tones, or, who knows, glitter? We suggest you get to know Natura Una Rose, Copper, and Cristal for this option and try a combination of caring and delicate glitter points. To enhance your nail finishing experience, all products have an innovative brush that provides a specific and even application, preventing the corners from spreading and giving that professional finish.

5. Volume nails

Nails with 3D designs are the freshness of the season. They are known as ‘bubble nails,’ We have seen them on the catwalk and account of Betina Goldstein, our leading ‘nail artist.’

6. Nail art designs

The nail art designs do not form a specific design on the nails. Therefore, what counts here is to have the help of brushes and unleash creativity, overstressing colors with contrast, such as Natura Una Nº1, Color Mar Piedra Urbana, and Color Planeta.

Remember that these are just some inspirations to start trying nail art at home, but there is also nail art in stickers, animal print, 3D nail art, acrylic, waves, stones, and various designs; the list is very long.

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