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What Are The Greatest Natural Hair Extensions In 2022?

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Hi, I hope today is going well for you. We’re going to talk about natural hair extensions today. It’s a fantastic method to give your natural hair more length, volume, and style. They are constructed with actual human hair that has been meticulously chosen and treated to make sure it is supple, healthy, and has a natural appearance. There are several ways to apply natural hair extensions, such as sew-ins, tape-ins, and clip-ins.

There are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about obtaining natural extensions. We will cover a variety of topics in this post, including a shopping guide, methods, examples of hair extensions, and natural extensions.


This time we will talk about natural hair extensions, a practical alternative to creating new and varied looks immediately. Do you want to know more? Here we will tell you.

Extensions are strands or curtains of hair of different colours, lengths and textures placed over our hair to change its appearance quickly. Although there are synthetic variants. The ideal is that you always choose natural hair extensions since they are more resistant, versatile and beautiful.

In the market, you can get different types of varieties of natural extensions of different qualities and prices, generally linked to the condition of the hair and its length. Among other aspects. So stay and discover much more about this beautiful product.

The Most Crucial

Natural hair extensions are strands of hair that will apply to give our hair more volume. Extend its length, change its colour, give it another texture, etc. They are a perfect option for drastic and immediate style changes.

There are different ways of applying natural hair extensions, including clips. Invisible threads, keratin, and hair “curtains” stand out.

It is essential that when selecting natural hair extensions, you take into account certain factors, such as the different modes of application, the different types of lengths, the quality of the hair, and the most suitable colours for you, among other aspects

Gala Remy 100% Natural Hair Extensions

Natural Hair Extensions

These magnificent extensions will guarantee Remy’s quality, the leader in hair extensions. This product will make from specially selected premium natural hair and enriched with vitamins to nourish and strengthen it even more.

Its texture is smooth, silky, and suitable for all treatments, thanks to its extreme resistance. Furthermore, they come in a dark brown tone and measure almost 50 cm. Allowing you to make all kinds of hairstyles and style changes whenever you want.

Long Straight Hair Extension

Long Straight Hair Extension

This practical, comfortable and functional Longtis brand hair extension is a 60 cm ponytail, which is ideal for a drastic change of look or to use at a party or event without having to go through the hairdresser first.

This product may be the best option if you want to always be neat and fashionable, with soft and resistant hair. In addition, its light brown colour is adaptable to different styles since it is always natural, youthful and delicate.

Sunny Human Hair Extensions

These beautiful extension from the Sunny Hair brand will make with 100% natural hair, so they are incredibly soft and resistant. They do not have animal hair or synthetic fibres like other types of extensions.

In addition, they come with solid and durable double-sided reusable adhesive tape, which allows you to put them on and revenue them off simply and quickly. The package contains ten pieces or strands of hair in brown tones, equivalent to a full average head of hair.

Shopping Guide: What You Need To Know About Human Hair Extensions

The main objective of this purchase guide is to provide you with information about the product you will interest in purchasing. For this reason, we will tell you the essential characteristics of natural hair extensions, including their advantages and disadvantages.

What Are Natural Hair Extensions, And What Advantages Do They Have?

Natural hair extensions will locks applied to the hair to extend its length, give it more volume, modify its texture or colour, etc. Different extensions will adapt to each hair type, personal style and specific need.

Hair extensions can place differently, influencing their duration and appearance. In addition, there are different qualities of hair that determine its cost. Still, it will recommend that you always choose natural and virgin hair since it is much healthier, resistant, and more beautiful.

Human Hair Extensions Can Apply Through Different Methods. Next, We Will Detail The Most Common And Used Placement Methods, So That You Can Compare Them With Each Other And Choose The One That Is Most Appropriate For You.


Here are some types of  Extensions methods explained.

  • Clip

These Are Applied Using Clips Or Bobby Pins Attached To The Back Of The Strand Or Curtain Of Hair, As The Name Suggestions. They are simple and quick to put on, but you must remove and reapply them daily, which may be tedious.

  • Curtain

One of the most popular application systems is a hair curtain sewn in the upper part, which is basted to the hair using an excellent cloth. They are pretty versatile but stand out more than the other means.

  • Invisible Thread

These extensions function similarly to a hairpiece in that they allow you to increase the length or volume.

  • Keratin

Separate Strands Of Hair Will Use A U-Shaped Keratin Tab, Which Will Fix With Heat To Our Hair, About 2 Cm From The Root, In This System. The End Result Is Very Natural, But Extensions Should Always Be Done By A Professional.


Human extensions are an excellent alternative to immediately modify your look and change it as often as possible without acquiring an artificial or rigid appearance. In addition, they are easy to maintain, and you forget about split ends and annoying frizz.

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