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The sauna is a high-temperature steam bath that helps us relax and can have other health benefits when used safely. Usually, it is a room where the temperature is between 70° and 100° Celsius or between 158° and 212° Fahrenheit. Uses dry heat with a bit of humidity.

A sauna bath brings many benefits to your body. It improves blood circulation and gives the feeling of relaxation, and helps you cleanse your skin. When a person uses a sauna, his skin temperature rises, and heavy sweating begins. There are two categories of saunas wet and dry.

The wet one does not exceed 70 degrees but bets on a much higher humidity index. It is also known as a hammam or Arab bath. The dry temperature consider between 80 and 90 degrees and a humidity of no more than 20%

How Should You Use The Sauna?

To enter a sauna, you must consider several recommendations, first of all, health. Its use contraindicates if you have certain diseases (heart conditions, epilepsy, or cancer, among others, so do not forget to consult a doctor). It would help if you also considered your stomach. Although the protocol includes leaving some space after meals, you should not feel hungry, thirsty, or tired. Do not eat or drink during your stay, but hydrate during refreshment periods.

Types of Saunas

There are various types of saunas based on how the room is heated. Some types include:

Electric heater: This is a sauna with an electric heater installed on the floor and with a low humidity level.

Infrared: This is a sauna with unique lamps that use light waves to heat the person’s body instead of heating the entire room. They are also known as Far Infrared Saunas. The temperature is usually around 60° Celsius, 140° Fahrenheit, and lower than other saunas, but they allow you to sweat.

Wood Sauna: This sauna is heated with wood and sauna stones and usually has high temperatures and low humidity levels.

Steam room: A steam room differs from a sauna because it uses steam. Unlike the sauna, which uses dry heat, the steam room provides moist heat.

Benefits That The Sauna Can Bring To Your Body

·       Cleanses the skin

In case you didn’t know, sweat is a natural way to cleanse your body. The sauna acts as a vasodilator that opens the pores of your skin, allowing you to remove impurities and have cleaner skin.

·       It reduces stress

The sauna is a perfect method to relax and feel good. The heat helps relax your muscles and release endorphins, making you feel more energetic.

·       Improves Blood Circulation

The heat of the sauna causes your blood vessels to open. It helps blood to circulate more fluidly and helps purify and oxygenate body tissues.

·       Strengthens the immune system

Your body in a sauna can reach high temperatures and activate its defenses. Like when you have a fever, it produces antibodies and white blood cells that stimulate your immune system.

·       Helps sleep better

As we have mentioned before, the sauna helps you relax, making it easier to fall asleep.

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