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The substance used to give a good smell is known as perfumes, solid, or liquid. It has been manufactured to create a pleasant odor for human noses. Scents provide an excellent aroma to clothes, rooms, and ourselves. The fragrances are unique and designed with care, passion, and originality.

Perfumes are made of a combination of natural and synthetic essence that, when combined, create a unique and individual patented aroma for each brand. They give pleasure to billions of people worldwide, who use and enjoy them every day, from a fresh-smelling shampoo or elegant perfume to a scented candle or freshly cleaned sheets.

What are they made of?

The brand and the manufacturing process of each one, how perfumes are made, is based on a compilation of multiple natural or synthetic fragrances, solvents, and fixatives. A mixture that, although simple, brings together at least 20 components, which, depending on their concentration, give the formula a different name, helping its classification.

Types of Perfume

There are different types of perfume for men and women. It depends on its aromatic intensity and concentration, and it is possible to speak of smell (more than 15% of aromatic essence); Eau de perfume; eau de toilette or bath water; eau de cologne or eau de cologne; or splash perfumes.

Some perfumes offer us different versions of the same aroma. The difference between them lies not only in the percentages of pure essence but, in some cases, also in a variation of the notes to enhance their new character or their intensity and fixation:

  • Eau Fraiche: With an approximate concentration of 7%.
  • Eau de Toilette: With an approximate concentration of 12-15%.
  • Eau de Perfume: With an approximate concentration of 17-20%.
  • Extract or Perfume: With an approximate concentration of 30%-40%.

It is for this simple reason that it is not the same to apply a Perfume or an Eau de Perfume, whose evolution and fixation over time is usually very long-lasting (with one application, it would be enough for the whole day) than to apply another type of lighter and fresher compositions such as an Eau de Toilette or an Eau Fraiche. We could repeat the fragrance application after a few hours in these cases.

Is there a difference between the types of perfumes for men and women?

The mixture of fragrances mainly differentiates perfumes; some aromatic families favor women more, and others men. It also depends on the Ph of sweat, skin type, and cultural reasons of humans. Therefore, it is more common for men to use musky, whereas women use floral aromas.

Despite this, if a man uses a woman’s perfume or vice versa, it will not cause any damage to the skin. The only opposing effect may be that the fragrance dissolves faster and lasts less.

The same thing happens for the purposes of the types of perfume according to their concentration. Possibly the splash, for example, is used in most cases by women, but it does not mean it is harmful to men.

According to the above, each type of fragrance varies in its concentration, price, and duration. In that sense, it is indifferent whether they are perfumes design for men or women since the percentage of aromatic oils will be the same.

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