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Ombre Nails Write For Us

Ombre Nails Write For UsOmbre Nails Write for Us: have arrived, the latest in Nail Art, and when you discover them, we are sure you will not want to miss them. The ombre or gradient manicure, which, as its name suggests, consists precisely of that combining two colors (or more if we have a good hand) and getting them to blend with a blending technique that, promised, is more simple than it seems. To discover how to achieve it ourselves without dying in the attempt

How do they differ from the French Manicure?

Ombre nails are not new, but they are back in fashion and are trending. It is due to the popularity of almond-shaped ombre French manicures that have invaded social media lately. And, by the way, the rise of 90s inspiration in current beauty trends has also reached nail designs. The classic French manicure, for example, has returned in new variations like micro tips, chrome tips, and—for a softer, more gradual version— ombre. Ombre nails are categorized by a smooth transition from one shade to another (for example, light to dark) to create a fading effect. Applied to the French manicure, this means a seamless transition from white tips to a barely-there pink, but without the traditional stark contrast between the two.

What colors are the best for ombre nails?

It all depends on your preferences. For a classic French ombre, shades of white, cream, and pink are great. For a gradient ombre, you can use colors with different dyes (for example, navy blue, medium blue, and light blue). Color families like pastels or metallics work well; for something more daring, you can also try an ombre with opposite colors.

Ideas to wear an ombre manicure this season


If you prefer more daring and innovative nail designs, combine two colors so that the effect is more noticeable and you can make the most of its potential.

Pastel colors

Betting on pastel colors will be the winning option in summer. Involving the top tones such as blue, lilac, and pink will elevate your look to the sky.

Golden Sparkles

Wearing gold sparkles at the tip of your manicure will cause a sensation wherever you go, so this shade with a nude base will be the perfect duo.


Nude tones are a classic that never goes out of style, and they are colors that are timeless and will combine with everything you find in your closet.


One of the favorite techniques for lovers of classic manicures is to wear French nails, which are usually elegant and sophisticated, which you can wear with a formal look and a relaxed but glamorous outfit.

Color and Brightness

Shimmery or pearlescent shades are on trend so that you can choose your favorite nail polish colors with sparkle. You can wear all your nails in a single tone or combine several.

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