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Hunting is the activity of capturing or killing in the wild, generally an animal, for fun or food purposes. It is done before and after the death of the animals, and death is essential to exit the hunt. Recreationally hunted species are generally known as game animals, usually mammals, and birds.

Hunter is a person who participates in the hunt. A hunting ground is a natural area where hunting plans. An experienced hunter who helps organize a hunt and manage the game reserve is known as a game warden.

Types of Sport Hunting

Today, many types of hunting differ from the weapons used to the ecosystem chosen to practice it. Mainly they are classified by big game and less game. The first intends to hunt larger animals, and the second for smaller animals.

Major Hunt

Monteria: The area for hunting surrounds between 250 and 600 hectares. Some posts are set up from which the recalls release mixed-breed bitches used in different types of hunting to scare away the animals within the established perimeter. Therefore an operation designed to kill as many specimens as possible without having to make a great effort.

Batida: A type of sport hunting very similar to hunting, but where people replace the dogs. In addition, the organization of the posts is different from that of the hunts since they are placed in a single line to prevent the escape of the pieces.

Stalking: The animal pursued without realizing it until the hunter is close enough to shoot, being the most selective sport hunting modality. So it usually is practiced on summits, steep slopes, and closed mountains.

Waiting: As its name indicates, waiting is a type of hunting in which the hunter waits for the prey to pass in front of the position where it locates to shoot it. If it appears, the hunter observes and then fires. Nocturnal waiting is typical, which an artificial light source requires.

Small Game

Aquatic hunting: The stalls installed in barrels or fixed racks on an aquaculture surface between reeds and weeds, where the birds and their feeders and shelters are. So it is where the hunters shoot and kill them.

Lanceo: Therefore it is a type of hunting directed to kill the wild boar that dogs and horses use for capture. In addition, two types of spears, known as garrochas, measure about three meters and end at a point.

Claim: it is hunting carried out with the help of a live caged partridge placed in the center of a clearing to attract its close, which is caught by nets or generally shot by the hunter, who hides in place to avoid detection.

Hunting with a greyhound: in this type of hunting, weapons not use, but only the ability of the dog uses. Very common in hare hunting and is practiced above all on flat land clear of bush or tree vegetation.

Hunting with tracking dogs: It is a mood in which the dogs follow the specimens through smell. The tracks the animal has left on the ground before going to sleep trace. The animal is then lifted from its shelter and chased.

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